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Relax, Feel Safe, Fall asleep. (Bedtime stories to bring comfort) (Please consider joining Patreon!) (AWARD WINNING)
Relax by the Fireplace with Joey and let him read you a story of (Sci-fi, Fantasy, Fairytale, Myth’s, Legends, Adventure)
Nox Bedtime Stories is a safe space, both for me and for my listeners. Each story begins with a positive, feel-good story from the news and transitions into a story set to relaxing, ambient music, and sound. There is never anything that could trigger the listener, no death or hardship, or suffering.  I get letters from people who struggle with PTSD, anxiety, insomnia from war veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq, Elderly homes, people with mental illness, anxiety, bipolar, and those that are just lonely and I’m glad sleeping to the podcast makes their lives better.
This work takes a lot of time so any Patreon contribution for my hard work is appreciated.
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